Customer Centric Planning

changing behaviour, customer centric planningThrough all of our sales and marketing efforts, we are essentially trying to change customer behaviour so that they use more of our product than they would have done without our intervention. So why not put the customer behaviour we are trying to change at the heart of the plan?

Bloom Health’s Customer Centric Planning tool does this through helping the brand team map out the influences of customer behaviour for their brand, both positive and negative, prioritise them and build plans to move the key ones in their favour.  The resultant plans are focused, joined up and easy to communicate through the organisation.

Typical areas of use:

  • Launch planning
  • Market development
  • Increasing market adoption and prescriber base
  • Unlocking market access
  • Performance issue diagnosis
  • Key account planning

These projects can be run remotely as brand workshops or as training on the approach.