Enhanced Planning

Too often, the focus of planning appears more focused on completing company templates than developing a clear road map to success. This situation can be accentuated by global strategies that are followed almost blindly where everyone is happy until the results aren’t as planned.

Bloom Health can with your brand teams with practical tools to support the thinking and development of insight before the templates are completed, bringing focus for plans that deliver.  This approach also highlights how the global plan needs to be adapted for your local situation.

Bloom Health can also bring external challenge to review your plan, ensuring that critical success factors are clear and all key levers of success are being worked effectively.

Typical projects where Bloom Health can help are:

  • Launch planning workshops to develop the insight and to scope out the plan
  • Assessment of plans from an external viewpoint
  • Planning reviews across markets to develop and share best practice on focused plans
  • Pre and post launch learnings interviews
  • Training on effective market planning
  • Forecast development programmes