Maximising Opportunities

Opportunity scoping, business development, pipeline assessment, critical success factorsWhen new opportunities present, being able to quickly assess its attractiveness and the appropriate resources/structure required to realise it is key to making good, timely decision.

Through experience and the use of simple processes, Bloom Health will rapidly be able to:

  • Scope the opportunity
  • Identify the critical success factors and key challenges
  • Provide an assessment of market access requirements
  • Map out the business structure and resources required to realise the opportunity

Typical projects where Bloom Health can help are:

  • Assessment of in licensing opportunities
  • Early input into R&D projects to ensure results deliver “value” for payers and clinicians
  • Local assessment of pipeline programmes
  • Support in planning new indications
  • Assessment of market access requirements for new products and indications
  • Development of innovative business structures to launch new brands

These projects can be run remotely or involving the business team through workshops.