The Virtual Company


When you are starting up a business or when your sales base is small, you will still want to have excellent people working for you. However, you may not have enough work to justify hiring them full time once the plans are in place or there may not be enough of an ongoing role to attract high calibre people.

This is where Bloom Health can help establish a team of experts around your opportunity to advise, represent and run the business in its early stages until you are ready to commit to your own management team.

This approach provides a low risk approach to UK and European market entry, providing the capacity and capability when you need it but without the commitments of expensive infrastructure.

Typical projects where Bloom Health can help are:

  • UK and EU market entry for orphan drugs and smaller opportunities.
  • Ongoing management of smaller businesses and portfolios.
  • Supporting new brand acquisitions.
  • Restructured businesses to increase profitability.